6 pounds, 9 ounces. Nice and pink and healthy

Some women give birth, real birth.

Me?  I grow things.  I grow lots of things.  And here, in Northern California, it’s finally spring.  It’s starting to act that way at least.  It was a long and wet winter (I’m not complaining, mind you, we need the water)… but it was loooong.  Then the spring has been cool.  We had a warm patch, but it’s been raining lately.  So, my whole garden is behind.

But today…. ah… today I began the harvest in earnest.  I’ve had bits of this and that (kale, lettuce, a carrot).  And I did get overrun by artichokes last week and ended up making 7 1/2 pints of marinated artichoke hearts (more on that another day).  But today?  Today I harvest my first onions.

Just look at these beauties!

There is a strange thrill that comes from bringing in a crop.  I have these onions (Stockton Reds in case you were wondering), on a window screen, getting air.  They will harden up for a few days – their outer layers will get papery, and then I will braid the stalks, and figure out where to keep them.  Unfortunately, come July I won’t have anywhere cool for them to hide.  But by July, they may all be gone.  Or maybe I will learn how to pickle ‘em!

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