How this happened

Several months ago while at a family gathering, I got into a discussion with my brother-in-law about the use of plastic bags at the grocery store.  He said that he and my sister really like plastic bags because then they can reuse them at home to store cut cheese and things in the fridge.  I said that we now store all of our food in glass at home, and that I was considering making little cloth bags to replace plastic at the store.

Somehow or other we got onto paper towels.  During the course of the conversation, I said that we no longer use paper towels at home – that we only use cloth.  My brother in law looked stunned.  My mother, sitting beside me, leaned in to me and said “How did you get to be so berkeley?”  (Small b berkeley, which if you are from California is sort of code for hippy-granola-environmental-bleeding-heart-whack-job).  And my mother is from Berkeley.

Her question really got me thinking about this journey — where it came from, and why.  Where I am going with it, and how I can incorporate my aspirations for the future into the life I live now.

It is my attempt to explain to my people, and myself, how I have morphed from an MBA, career-focused, uber consumer to an extreme locavore, paper-towel-eschewing, minimal carbon footprinting beekeeping, organic gardening zealot.

Join me!  Eventually I will be adding information about bees, gardening, spirit, growth, health, and whatever else seems to interest me.  For now, let me just figure out how to blog!


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