Sacrificing Good for Perfect

Why do I have such a hard time blogging?  I mean, I have a lot to say.  I like to write.  Judging by the number of people who ask me questions when I’m in the front yard, I know there are people who would like to hear it.  I have been passing out my card with my web address: I’m driving people here!  But I haven’t written a blog in almost a YEAR!

I love talking about gardening.  It makes me happier than almost any topic.

But the truth be told, I’m having a hard time figuring out the technology:

  • How do I get the RSS feed to work?
  • Why can’t I get my blog page to look like the rest of the pages?
  • Why is there a white background behind the title instead of the picture?
  • How do I put one of my produce pictures up on the main page and not a stock photo?

It’s these questions that vex me.  I want the website to be perfect.  The websites that I visit most frequently are pretty cool… so why can’t mine be amazing?  Speaking of which, how do I list my favorite other sites down the side bar?  What’s that called? Blog Roll?  Grawr!

In typical form, instead of figuring it out by calling and explaining and fixing, I just want it done.  I want it perfect.  NOW.  And as a shout-out to the folks at Go-Daddy, they have a great tech support group.  Tech isn’t the problem.  My impatience is the problem.

I am not interested in the process of getting it right.  I am only interested in the having of it’s rightness.  (Grammar?  Baaaah!)

I am sacrificing good enough because I want perfect.



The opportunity is not in having a perfect garden, or a perfect website.  The opportunity is in starting where I am and making it better one lesson at a time.

Whoa!  Connections pinging in my head!  Synapses firing! wait… wait for it….


It’s the destination, not the journey.

I’m a GENIUS!  I just made that up. (I haven’t heard it 1,000 times before.  It isn’t a magnet on my refrigerator, or a poster I had in my room as a kid, or a bazillion greeting cards.  Oh, no.  I just thought it up all by myself).*

It doesn’t have to be perfect.  It doesn’t have to be close to perfect.  I can trick it out as I go along.  There is a lot I want to do, and it will come as I learn.  Imagine if, four years ago, I looked at my front and back yard and said to myself “I am not interested in the process of getting it right.  I’m only interested in the having of it’s rightness.”?

Uhm, I’d still have two lawns, trees that make us sneeze, and a boring run-of-the-mill yard instead of the tricked-out farmish land that feeds us every single day.

I was outside two nights ago working on the apple trees, re-tying them to the espalier and a young couple came by.  They didn’t see me, and I could hear them talking to each other, wondering if I was growing grapes.  They came up the driveway of the house next door to get a closer look at the trees and saw me.  I said hello, and I explained the espalier concept.  How this is the only way I can get five fruit trees into 40 square feet.  They’ve just moved to the ‘hood, and are now taking evening walks by the house all the time.  They said they are excited to start a little garden, and I offered to help.

They said they were amazed at what I had created, and I told them if they thought the front was cool, they really needed to see the back, and if I wasn’t late taking squash bread out of the oven, I would show it to them right then.  They are ready and excited to learn.   They don’t need perfection today.  It made me realize that I have come farther than I give myself credit for, and as far as the frustrating website is concerned… it’s just like strawberries… keep trying until I get it right.

Gotta go call the nice folks at Go Daddy.

*p.s. I invented the hand held blow dryer in 1973.  True story.

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