The fine art of culling

Culling, according to our friends at, is to pick out and put aside as if inferior.  This is the time of year in the garden when I need to cull.

I have carrots that I planted that need to be thinned so that the stronger ones can survive.  Carrots at this stage are about a hair’s width, so to thin them takes a pair of tweezers.  As I look at the row, there are smaller and larger stalks — all no less than a few inches tall.  The taller the stalk, the more likely it will live another day.

We planted a stone fruit tree last year, and much as I hate the thought, it is time to cull it.  If I don’t, then all of the fruit will be malnourished and fall off.  If I remove the majority, I give the remaing fruit a better chance of success.  Stone fruit should sit on the branch no closer than 5″ apart — a painful realization when my current fruit is sitting just across the branch from each other, like neighbors chatting over a fence.

I feel like they are so happy there together – supporting each other.  But no, they are not like that.  They are fighting for precious resources, and it’s my job to be the arbiter of victory.

These will be much happier with room to grow, and all the resources they need (sunlight, nutrition and water!)

Culling is a challenge of mine, I think because I am an optimist by nature.  I think anything is possible.  As I begin to look for a new job, I struggle with this acutely.  I think any company is perfect.  Any job is perfect.  I am willing to roll up my sleeves and do just about anything.

Chevron headquarters is RIGHT HERE!  But then I have to stop myself.  Chevron?  Really?  Culled.
Executive Assistant?  You bet!  Only, I have an MBA and would be bored in 2 weeks.  Culled.
Schwab!  That’s it!  Schwab.  Only it’s TWO hours a day to commute, and it’s all about publically held companies.  Culled.

I am narrowing my search.  There are not many companies I would be thrilled to work for.  There are few jobs I would be thrilled to have.  But they are out there.  They are!  And in order to get one of them, I have to quit entertaining the notion that everything can survive, and focus on the best chance of personal success.

Local, organic, healthy, privately held or non-profit.  In a job search, I am the arbiter of my own victory.

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