What an awesome couple of days…

It’s been hard; the drought. Generally the gardens look pretty crappy, and I have slowed down on growing things, and I don’t have cover crops in (yet! but they’re coming!).

And I have this lemon tree. Ugh! The lemon. I planted it in 2008. In 2009 it never bloomed. Or in 2010, or 2011, or 2012. Finally in 2013 I told it that if it didn’t shape up and start carrying it’s weight, I was going to pull it out. Clearly it didn’t believe me because in 2014 I got exactly one blossom, and it fell off after about 3 days. So at the end of 2014, I told the tree again, this time much more sternly that I wasn’t kidding. If I’m gonna water it, and feed it, and take care of it, it had ONE. MORE CHANCE. Feed be or say good-bye. And it clearly took me seriously, because look at what Todd found the other day!

Lemon Number 1. Ever.

Lemon Number 1. Ever.

Now that was a happy sight, I gotta tell you.  And yes, it’s got mechanical scarring (from wind, or being too close to a branch, or who knows what), so it’s not as pretty as it could be.  But still!  A lemon!  Yay!

And then!  THEN!  Look at what I saw when standing in the front yard talking to my neighbor, Martha.

Chompin' on the milkweed.

Chompin’ on the milkweed.


That, my friend, is a monarch caterpillar.  A MONARCH CATERPILLAR!!!! Woop! Woop!  I have had milkweed planted for probably two years now.  It’s not 100% gorgeous, it’s really aggressive, and it’s kind of a pain.  But it’s the ONLY thing Monarch caterpillars will eat, (except other monarch caterpillar eggs, but that’s a whole other story).  So, planted it I did, and waited.  Well, ya know what they say?  If you plant it they will come.

I planted, they came.  I inspected closely the rest of the plants, and I have another 4 or 5 caterpillars chomping away.  Soon they will create chrysalises (plural of chrysalis? I dunno).  I’ve created my own little oasis of snacks for the monarch migration.  Ya me!

Yeah, it’s been a good week.

And have I mentioned that I harvested forty pounds of honey on Monday with Steph and Ariana? (More on them later).  That is two things:

1.) It’s a lot of honey

2.) It’s a looooong day

pouring honey 090715honey 090715

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