What have I done?

I work in the front yard a lot.  I grow food there, and it takes tending.  Lately, it takes weed pulling, but it also takes tending.  As a result, I have gotten to know some of my neighbors.  The folks down the street who now trade me fresh eggs for honey.  The other mother-son duo who home school and want me to give a presentation to their home-schooled buddies.  The new neighbor waaay down the street who bought the house, then got intimidated by her garden, then said every time she walks by she wanted to ask me a question but was too shy.  She screwed up her courage finally, and we had a lovely chat.  I’m going to help her figure out what is best to grow under her super-massive Sycamore.

Additionally, more and more people know what I’m up to.  Family, friends, their friends, their family, neighbors, people who drive by, etc.  I love talking about my garden. I love it when people say things like “Wow, this is so amazing”. It helps me to remember, when I’ve had a bad day at work, that I am really good at something.

About a month ago, I spoke to the Pleasant Hill Garden Study Club.  It was probably 200 people, and it was great fun. Now, I used to teach high school history and civics.  I know how to charm the pants off an audience.  I know how to be entertaining to a group.  And I really love public speaking. (Yes, I am the 1 in a million who actually LIKES it).

Anyway, the presentation was a success.  I have received lots of accolades and warm thanks.  It’s awesome.  It fills me with pride.  It makes me humble.  It sometimes makes me wonder why I work in an office instead of as a public speaker.  But whatever.

Since I gave the presentation, the garden club has asked if they can come over and actually see the garden.  I jumped at the chance. I love when someone approaches me and I offer them a tour.  We wander around, and I explain what I’ve done, and why, and point things out.  When I’m walking and talking and pointing, I am also ignoring all the weeds that need pulling, beds that need tilling, seeds that need planting, paths that need building.  It’s easy to overlook things when it’s 1:1.  I can explain – “I’m going to work on that next”, or “I just pulled this crop out”, or “This is waiting for….”  The work-in-progressness of the gardens doesn’t seem like such a big deal. It doesn’t really matter.

But now it does.  The garden club is coming over.  I am going to host 100 people!  Let me rephrase:  I am going to host 100 gardeners.  In my garden.  Gardeners IN MY GARDEN.  Fox-henhouse?  Kettle-black?

Do you see where I am going with this?

On May 31.  37 days from now.  Surely I can get the weeds pulled by then, right?

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